George Bernard Shaw has often said that a happy family is but an earlier heaven. Here are some ways to make your own little heaven on earth.


1. Hug!

Hugging someone has been scientifically shown to release oxytocin, the cuddle/happy hormone which helps reduce anxiety and stress.


2. Have fun together

Yes, work and studies are essential. But so is having downtime with the family – travel, play some game, have a picnic; and just enjoy having fun while surrounded by your loved ones.


3. Sing together

If there’s one thing the Von Trapps taught us, it is how singing together helps the family to bond. Hit up a local karaoke bar or jam with your family in the living room – just cut loose.

4. Exercise

Working out alone gets tedious and boring, and we fall back on our routines. Exercising together – be it a long walk or bike rides – not only brings some fun back into working out for everyone, but also helps set a healthy example for the kids.


5. Eat healthily

Speaking of health, junk food, while tasty, also messes with mental and physical health. Cut up a bowl of fruits or veggies to help create healthy snacking habits in the family.


6. Cook together

Make healthy eating habits more fun by hitting the kitchen together. Cooking up delicious meals with the family also helps the kids to understand health, teamwork and develop a skill set in cooking.


7. Reward good behavior

Reinforce your child’s good behavior with little treats – a trip to the zoo, watch a movie, have dinner out. This just goes to show that you don’t have to be excessive to be rewarding.


8. One-on-one

In families with more than one child, it would do good to spend time with each child, creating an atmosphere of love and support for each child, and increases your chances of binding with them.


9. Routines

Knowing what to expect and having set patterns helps kids fall into a routine lifestyle – reduced misbehavior, less fuss in the mornings, and healthy sleeping patterns, all while balancing daily activities.


10. Appreciation

Being appreciated makes a great impact on mental health and how kids perceive themselves. Hug them, give them a goodnight kiss before bed, or tell them you love them – leave them feeling valued and happy.


11. Set an example

What is perceived at an early age carries on throughout your child’s life. Prioritize your marriage and give them a model of love to aspire to.

12. Read and write together

Spending a little time with a book, be it reading them a story or writing your own, gives you a chance to spend time together as well as develop your child’s creativity.