If you are looking for a new place to live around New South Wales, then you have no doubt considered living in or around the main metropolitan area. Making a choice to buy new residential developments in Sydney is not necessarily a straightforward one, since the property will generally be more expensive here than in more rural areas.

However, the increased cost of living in the main metropolitan heartland of NSW is not without justification. There’s a wide range of reasons why many people choose to buy new residential developments in Sydney rather than anywhere else across the state.

The following will list the top 4 reasons to buy new residential developments in Sydney.

1.    Greatest job availability

Of course, the primary reason so many people live in an around the capital of the state is that it has the highest density of jobs. Many of the top corporate firms and other businesses have their headquarters in the CBD (central business district), and therefore many professionals will buy new residential developments in Sydney so they can live close to where they work.

For those looking for work, the city has a broad range of opportunities to take advantage of. Some career paths really require you to live in close proximity to the main metropolitan area, and therefore buying new residential developments in Sydney becomes a necessity.

As the busiest economic centre in Australia (and the most populated city), it makes sense that there are a lot of jobs to be found.


2.    Dense multicultural society

Interiors of a residential property

Another reason to buy new residential developments in Sydney is the fact that it is a densely multicultural place with people from all manner of ethnic background living there. This is a city where you will find Greeks, Chinese, Lebanese, and countless other nationalities all living together in a melting pot where tolerance and understanding are cherished.

When you buy new residential developments in Sydney, you get to enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by so many diverse cultures. If you love food, then living in this city is a real joy since around every corner is another culturally themed restaurant for you to visit.

This also makes the city a great place to raise children since, if they go to a local school, they will get to experience many different cultures and make friends with children from other backgrounds. This helps to give your child more cultural experience and help them become a better adult who can respect and appreciate other backgrounds.


3.    Robust public transport network

While it is far from perfect, many people who buy new residential developments in Sydney note that the public transport network is better than many other places in the world. It means that people can get around the different areas without necessarily having to drive a car, which is a good thing for other drivers (as it frees up the road) and minimizes the amount of carbon pollution that is created.

If you choose to buy new residential developments in Sydney that is close to a train station or bus stand, then you can reasonably navigate the city without needing to drive.


4.    Safety

An additional reason to buy new residential developments in Sydney is that it is a relatively safe city compared to many others around the world. The quality of life in the city is quite good for most people, and levels of poverty and crime are kept low.

The city has robust and well-equipped modern police, ambulatory, and fire services to respond to emergencies.

As you can see, there’s plenty of good reasons to buy new residential developments in Sydney and make it your home for a while.