Going shopping for Sydney electric scooters? They’re a great item to have but it can be challenging to find the perfect one. High-quality Sydney electric scooters can quite easily turn you into the thousands so it’s an important thing to get right. We would recommend doing your homework if you’re planning on making a purchase and to help make that easier we’ve pulled together a list of buying tips below.

Understand the different options

There are a few different kinds of Sydney electric scooters that you will come across in store and online in different price categories.

Budget Sydney electric scooters

The budget category is typically model’s that are under $300. These models are usually no-frills and designed for recreational use rather than long distancing rides. These kinds of models usually don’t have motors that are as powerful as their pricier counterparts and their batteries usually don’t have a high capacity. You may also find that they use lower quality parts and weaker brakes.

Commuter models

Three women riding Sydney electric scooters

Many people looking for Sydney electric scooters will be looking for commuter options capable of travelling short and long distances to work. They are usually priced between around $300 to $1200. These models are usually very well balanced in terms of quality and capability but won’t have all the top-end features that you’ll get from the more expensive models.

Performance models

If you’re looking for Sydney electric scooters then you will also want to consider performance models. These are usually designed with long range rides in mind. They are also usually much faster and capable on ultra-long-range distances. They are great for traveling to work and often include some great premium features like tubeless tyres, hydraulic brakes, turn signals and powerful lights.

Extreme performance models

Extreme performance electric models are usually more than $2500 and are capable of going at speeds of 64 km’s an hour. This type of model is normally very portable, designed with large dual motors and has a very long battery life. They are also known for having the top of the range of suspension, good disc brakes and a range of other premium features.

Where to buy Sydney electric scooters?

So, where should you go shopping in the city for e-scooters? There are a number of stores in the city that sell these products now, thanks to the increasing popularity of this type of ride. This can be a great place to start as they are relatively new technology and going into a bricks-and-mortar store will give you the opportunity to test items out. Going in-store will also give you the chance to speak to the consultants in-store who will be able to find you the perfect model based on your budget. Online can be a good place to go looking too, you’ll find a lot of items there and some great deals. You may also find a wider range of products online too which means if you’re looking to save some money and you want to find something in particular, then the world wide web is a great place to start when going shopping.

What to remember?

When you go shopping you should remember to ask lots of questions about the different features on the models you’re looking at. What size is the engine for example? What is the braking like? How far is the model you’re looking at capable of travelling? You should also think about safety features and ask about what kinds of tyres there are. Other things to think about are spare parts and whether it can be customised.