Buying designer cushions is one of the quickest ways to update the look of your home. Designer cushions can add a quick splash of colour or update a drab, tired sofa or the look of our bed in an instant, but figuring out which colours, style, shapes or sizes are right for your home and furnishing can be confusing, especially since there are so many different options out there. Of course, it’s easy to say experiment with looks, but designer cushions can be pricey and have a million of them around the house can be too much, so how do you find the right one when you decide to go shopping? Read on below for our best shopping tips.


Think about size and shape

Making your furniture look great is all about thinking about proportions. Big sofas mean big soft décor items. Small designer cushions will look silly on a big sofa, when shopping look for larger sizes and pair smaller décor items with larger ones, with the smaller item placed in front for an eye-catching arrangement. If you like a casual look then rounded shapes are a great idea, but go for stronger rectangular shape if you prefer a more formal look.


Think about materials and inserts

Achieving a beautiful look with your designer cushions is about more than just stylish designs, you also need to think about the inserts and materials used in their construction. For a plush look opt for amazing duck feather inserts or go for thicker polyester fillings to avoid your décor looking flat. Look for nice textures and materials as well and think about what suits your home and lifestyle. Linen and cotton materials are very easy to wash and look very sophisticated whilst velvet and other plush materials can be stunning, especially with extra elements like tassels.


Think about colours and patterns

designer cushions in a sofa

The colours and patterns you choose for your décor are very important. The right pop of colour or a bold pattern can dramatically change the look of your room or pull together all of your design choices perfectly. Before you buy new décor take the time to think about what you like and what you have currently in your home. As a tip, monochromatic décor can be soothing or very, very bold. Calming tones like blues, greys and whites will be soothing in your spaces, whilst black can be very graphic and eye-catching. You can easily create some visual interest in your home with a patterned design that features monochromatic tones. Simple block colours can also have a big impact; a bright pink, orange, green or blue design will immediately add a great pop of colour to your home. If you want to create even more interest in a space, consider varying your colours – either stick within a similar palette with different shades of colours such as grey, blues, pinks, yellows or anything else you can think of or perhaps opt for complementary colours for an interesting space. If you already have a busy space then perhaps think about going for just one colour, or go for toned-down whites and greys and create visual interest with textural elements instead such as embroidery, tassels or fabric variations. It’s important that you think about what furnishings you already have and find designer cushions that tie in well with your existing décor; you don’t want to bring new items home only to find that they clash horribly with your sofa or bed.

These are just a few tips for adding décor to your home; hopefully, you’ve found them helpful.