Jade in New Zealand is a pendant that is unique among the other forms of this gemstone from across the world. This jewel is incredibly sparse, with a minimal amount of this natural rock found in the country. This has an interesting formation process that has developed its unique colours as a result of the many years of weathering it has been under. It is caused as a result of oxidation, giving it an interesting golden shade. For all these qualities and more, jade in New Zealand is the perfect gemstone to add to your home, carry around with you, and simply have in your life.

The History Of The Jade In New Zealand 

Jade in New Zealand is one of the most prized possessions of the country being used for a variety of different purposes including art, decor, weaponry, and other forms of equipment. Other words for this stone include greenstone or pounamu. It is a green-shaded stone that is found only on the South Island of the country. It was discovered on the island of Pounamu hence the name. Jade in New Zealand has been used as early as the settlement of Aotearoa. The Maori legend is retold in a variety of versions. But the simple version talks about a fish named Poutini who is the symbol for this stone and who was in love with Waitaki. The legend tells that Poutini had fallen out with Hine-Tua-Hoanga leading him to travel to the west coast area of the South Island. Poutini didn’t want to give up on Waitaki transforming her into a pounamu to keep her by his side forever. He gently leaves from Tamaahua swimming to the West Coast with the pounamu. 

What Is The Value? 

a jade beaded necklace

Jade in New Zealand was used in the past as a weapon choice for hunting and war. It was then purified to give it a soft appearance used as an adornment for worship. Nephrite is founded in a range of South Island areas. Jade in New Zealand was perfect to use at home for chopping, cutting, and shaping the timbers in the forest. The tools were also made in order to create fishhooks and other items that is created from whalebone. A small club is used in battle which was also made with hardwood and whalebone material as well. Jade in New Zealand was not only used for weaponry but also for style items such as amulets and ear pendants. 

Present Day 

Nowadays, the jade in New Zealand is a national treasure. The green stone is heavily secured with visitors coming to visit the stone in order to encourage more good luck in their lives. This is worn as a pendant for a variety of jewellery wear including earrings and necklaces. It could even be used in the present day for its healing properties, with more and more individuals using it in their homes not only for decoration but to add good luck to their surroundings. You can see with the jade in New Zealand, that you’ll be on your way to success when you’ve got the right pendants in your collection. 

Jade in New Zealand is the ideal choice for natural rocks. This precious stone offers a range of benefits including jewellery wear, home decor, and simply collecting. With all these different uses, you can see here why everyone is choosing this mineral to add to their collection. With its long history and popularity in the current present, this precious stone is perfect to have in your life. You can be assured that your days will be further improved with this mineral at hand.