Probably, people know that a bong is a smoking device in the form of a vase, at the base of which there is a liquid for cooling the smoke passing through it. Compared to pipes and other common devices, they have an undeniable advantage: chilled smoke is easy and pleasant to inhale.

Heavy smokers also prefer them because it allows you to inhale more chilled smoke, rich in active ingredients, and therefore, get a more powerful smoking effect. In addition, smoking bongs provide an opportunity to show your creativity and feel like a real gourmet. For example, you can add fruit juice to water and pour it into ice cube trays for a particular effect – the unique taste of chilled smoke.

Varieties of bongs

  • Glass bong. This classic bong is perfect for beginners and hobbyists alike. The bong is made of durable glass, so it will last for a very long time if handled correctly. The transparent material enables you to enjoy the sight of gurgling water and puffs of outgoing smoke and also makes it easy to clean.
  • Acrylic bong. Acrylic bongs are translucent, allowing you to control the amount of water. Such devices are very easy to maintain, have good strength and durability. Also, acrylic bongs tolerate transportation much better than glass bongs.
  • Ceramic bong. Such a device can please with a non-standard design. Ceramic bongs are slightly smaller than their counterparts due to the severity of the material itself. Of the minuses, one can single out the features of care – a specific shape and an opaque bulb is difficult to clean.
  • Metal bong. Such a bong is not killable; it is not afraid of blows, falls, or external influences. Metal devices are made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy, which guarantees the bongo an unlimited service life.

The advantages of bongs

  • The bong is in many ways a stationary device, not intended for transportation and travel. But now this drawback can be easily eliminated, because there are models in cases, carrying bags, or simply very compact ones. Bright representatives of the latter are such a type of bongs as bubblers. You get the functionality of a bong in size close to a large smoking pipe.
  • Many people do not even suspect another advantage of the bong – it is economical. Even for the largest device, the bowl is not gigantic. And still, its capacity is quite enough to get the effect similar to several cigarettes. And if the device has a Kick function, then you will get the feeling of a pleasant blow to the head, like from the strongest tobacco, but without a sore throat and other unpleasant sensations.
  • In a bong, cleaning occurs in the most efficient way possible – with water or another liquid. Remove the water from the device, and you will get a regular pipe, just unusual in appearance. But this feature provides other benefits as well. The smoke is not only cleared but softer and more pleasant thanks to moisture and cooling.
  • Greater smoke filtration, depending on the amount of water – the more water in the flask, the better the filtration and cooling.
  • The bong can be supplemented with accessories such as a liquid cooler or a percolator.
  • Water envelops the smoke, making it cleaner and more pleasant.
  • Bong allows you to create bubbles of water that cleans smoke better than other smoking machines can boast.
  • Bong allows you to use a variety of flavors or pastes.
  • A large amount of tar, carcinogens and other toxic substances accumulate on the walls of the bong tube, which, when you smoke tobacco with the help of different devices, settle on your lungs.

Smoking bongs have gained popularity because it allows more smoke to enter the lungs than with other smoking pipes. Smoking herbs through a bong guarantees a stronger effect from the herbal mixture with less damage to the lungs.