If you are looking to unleash your creativity and make your mark, custom stamps are certainly a fun way to do that. Through this article, we will share some awesome ways you can make your own custom stamp! You can get crafty and make it yourself. Or you can design it online and have it delivered to you. You have multiple opportunities, and each one has its own pleasure.

Crafting your custom stamp

If you are someone who likes to get their hands dirty, literally, you can craft your own stamp. Depending on how good you are with arts and crafts, your stamp can simply be a foam triangle or a work of art in itself.

  • StyroFoam Stamp
    This is the easiest one of all. Cut your foam in the shape of the object you want your stamp to be. Be it a star or a star-lit night! Now dip your stamp into an ink pad and stamp your mark wherever you want. This is an economical, simple stamp that can be used to bring some joy into a kid’s playtime.
  • Wood Block Stamp
    You can make a customizable stamp on a piece of wood. Simply take a small 4-by-4-inch block of wood. Make sure it has no sharp edges or splinters. Take a foam sheet, and cut it into the shape of the stamp. Since you have four sides of the block, cut four different stamp shapes. Now, with the help of a strong adhesive, stick the foam sheet onto the wooden block. Let it dry. Your stamp is good to go!
  • Use an eraser
    If you are going for the extra-simple, extra-quick fun, simply carve out your stamp from an eraser! You’re done.
  • Inkpad
    If you are crafting your own stamps with the above-mentioned kid-friendly methods, you might need to make your own ink pad as well. The store-bought ink pad might not bring out as much texture as needed on foam sheets and styrofoams. Making an ink pad is simple. Simply take a small plastic Tupperware box and a sponge that will fit in it. Put the sponge in the box, glue it down. Now, take some paint, and just fill the box up. Add more paint than you think is enough because the sponge will soak it all up. Be sure to close the lid to prevent your ink pad from drying out.

Making custom stamps online

Many companies make rubber stamps with your custom designs. These stamps are popular with offices and individuals alike. You can send your design in and discuss the kind of stamp you are looking for. They offer a variety of custom stamps including:

  • Pre-inked stamps
    They have a large ink reservoir in them and are good for up to 50,000 impressions.
  • Self-inked stamps
    They have a small ink reservoir which can be replaced when dried out. These are good for a couple of thousand stampings.
  • Wooden stamps
    These stamps come with their own ink pads and thus can use a variety of colors per stamp.
  • Dry-in-a-flash Stamps
    For metal or glass or other non-porous surfaces, these special stamps are made. They dry under 2 minutes and are good to use on tricky surfaces.
  • Fabric Stamps
    These stamps are custom-made to be used on fabrics and clothes.
  • Hand Stamps
    Using non-toxic ink, these self-inking stamps are a popular choice for events. They can even include invisible ink which is only visible in UV light.

Whatever way your creativity flows, there is an option for you to express it. Go analog crafty or digital and make your own custom stamp today!