You will notice that people who are happy in their marriages are happy in other relationships and aspects of their life. However, sometimes the intimacy may wane. Here are some tips that will help you improve your married life.


1. Early rising

Waking up a few minutes earlier than necessary will give you some quality time with your spouse be it to drink coffee, to talk, or simply to cuddle. This time will help set off your day on a positive note.


2. Kiss

When saying hello or goodbye, you make do with a quick peck. Surprise your spouse with a passionate kiss instead – a few extra seconds of intimacy can do wonders for your bond.


3. PDA

Think back to the initial phases of your relationship. Remember the public displays of affection? Next time you’re out with your spouse, bring back the passion. Even a little gesture will do – hold their hand, give them a quick hug or kiss. Bring the focus back to yourselves.



4. Be your best

Over time, you give your all to work, chores and your children. At the end of the day, why not make a conscious effort to give your better half the best? After all, they do deserve it.


5. Shower together

The spontaneity and intimacy of enjoying a shower together – whether it leads to sex or not – is a great way to spice things and bring you two closer.


6. Read

Words have a way of bringing people together. Spend time with your spouse every day to relax and share a good book; it’s bound to help forge a deeper bond.

Talk together

7. Talk

Although it seems obvious, think back to the last time you had an intimate, meaningful conversation with your significant other. If nothing else, make a mindful effort to ask your spouse about their day and how they’re doing.


8. Encourage

Appreciation is something that makes anyone’s day. The next time your spouse has a bad day, or even randomly, let them know that they are appreciated for all that they are and for what they do for your family.


9. Have fun

Over the years, the fun factor tends to be overshadowed by responsibilities and routines. Bring the fun back to your marriage with game or movie nights, or going out for a date – enjoy who you have and what you share.


10. Say “I Love You”

Not every day is going to be like the first day you fell in love. But you have made a commitment to your significant other. Cherish your spouse by telling them you love them daily – in person, on a post-it note on the bathroom mirror, or through Facebook.