Commercial organisations who are looking at integrating drinking fountains won’t be short on options. From indoor to outdoor outlets with free-standing and wall mounted varieties, there are customised models that deliver value for businesses that want to look after the health and wellbeing of their people. 

The key for these brands is being able to engage an industry specialist that has the resources and expertise to provide necessary guarantees for the client. Thankfully there are some strategies in play that allow commercial customers to identify these quality operators from the rest in the marketplace. 

Reflect on the Need for Improved Hydration Access 

It is very rare for one individual to push forward with the project to install drinking fountains in isolation. On many occasions, they will be consulting with their employees, their department officials and industry peers to outline the importance of hydration access. Even for those professionals who are not engaged in highly physical activities during the day or evening, a lack of hydration still impacts health and productivity. Once all parties are onboard with the need to implement these designs on site, then progress is able to be made around the more micro decisions for the enterprise. 

Assessing Budget Availability 

How much money is in play for an organisation to integrate new drinking fountains? The price for investment with these utilities won’t be the same from supplier to supplier, especially for those that are ordering multiple units. This is why it is beneficial to survey the market extensively and see what the expected price bracket will be in this context, empowering organisations to see the value for money proposition. 

Examining Plumbing Infrastructure on Site 

Businesses that want to invest in these drinking utilities might find that their costs escalate because they don’t quite have the plumbing infrastructure to support the product at the time. If there is further work to be carried out on this front with additional plumbing connections, that will increase the time of the development as well as the financial figure. When engaging specialists, it is important to outline what is available and for them to carry out a report for clarity. 

Picking Out Suitable Site Positions 

Where will the drinking fountains be placed? Are there domains where they are more protected and more accessible? There will be variety in this space as clients pick out wall-mounted or free-standing selections while they can be installed indoors or outdoors. If there is clarity about the position, that will help the supplier to navigate the logistics and to help shape the model that is introduced. 

Researching Supplier Credentials 

Which local businesses have installed drinking fountains before? What did they say about the whole experience? What is said online through search engine results pages, social media hubs and shared economy apps? The ratings out of 5 stars will offer key insights on this front, just as the comments that are published about the brand’s reliability and price point. These credentials should also arrive with industry accreditation and insurance status to ensure peace of mind. 

Requesting Job Quotes 

From the price to the installation logistics, the point of contact and other critical information that pertains to the project, it is imperative that businesses request official quotes from experts with drinking fountains. It helps owners and managers to run fair comparisons across the board. Before agreeing to any package, have those quotes to hand. 

Businesses that end up with quality drinking fountains will be delighted with the results. The key is to stick to these fundamentals and pick out an operator that delivers genuine value as part of the package.