It is easy to overlook how valuable gas hot water systems are for our domestic life.

Whether it is running a fresh bath or shower to cleaning all of the dishes at night, we need that reliable source of hot water at a moment’s notice.

The issue that many consumers face is identifying models that are cutting edge and offer genuine value.

Buying these goods for the sake of convenience is a mistake, so take note of these key tips first.


Type of Domestic Piping

While most gas hot water systems will be applicable from one system to the next, it is important to gauge the current infrastructure on the premises. Pipe for gas models will vary from brass to copper or galvanised steel to corrugated stainless steel tubing. Copper piping is ideal for utilising cold and hot water sources, so that could be an installation project to get maximum value out of the new outlet.


Understanding the Gas Model Discrepancies

Gas hot water systems do not come in a one-size-fits-all fit for homeowners. The first port of call will be the traditional tank outlets, offering units that are showcased from the modest 70-80L range and scaling upwards of 180L. Then there are the continuous flow brands that combine the best in electricity and gas connections for on-demand hot water consumption. The instantaneous options offer a more cost-effective alternative with low operational logistics, leaving the gas boosted solar domains as a long-term energy-efficient solution for homeowners that have solar infrastructure on the premises. Speaking with a specialist will help shoppers to know more about space requirements, hot water consumption use, short-term and long-term costs.


Energy Efficient Rating

The subject of energy efficiency is not a small detail to overlook. This is a key factor that should go a long way to informing the purchase of gas hot water systems. The tank units will be listed according to their star rating, offering products that start from 2-3 stars to the 5 star models that provide first-class supply. The better the rating, the longer the level of performance for constituents that don’t want to be bogged down with repair and replacement costs over time.


Brand Reliability

There is a very simple principle at play that consumers should use across the board, let along when buying something as valuable as gas hot water systems. Suppliers in this market are ranked and reviewed online like every other brand, informing constituents about who runs the best products, who walks the talk from their marketing prowess, and which outlets offer value for money given the expenditure. Homeowners should take note of brand reliability, reflecting how satisfied clients have been with their investments over time.


Local Assistance & Expertise

Technician servicing an hot-water heater

In the event that something should go array with gas hot water systems, it is important to have local assistance on the ground and ready to arrive at a moment’s notice. From a dangerous gas leak to a lack in performance, expert plumbing practitioners should be able to cover these repairs under warranty. This is where smaller operators at a local level have an advantage, but there will be major suppliers who also have more representatives who can answer the call.


The Package Price

It will always come down to the bottom line with these systems. It is important to note that expensive does not pertain to quality while cheap does not always equate to value. This is where it is valuable to run a complete check of models, cross-referencing outlets according to their price tag and seeing where there are any spikes or drops in the market. There are suppliers of gas hot water systems who will offer client discounts and loyalty points when they upgrade with the same business, so it is worthwhile checking with the current brand before venturing out to the open market.