It’s important to protect the health of your employees, especially around winter when the common cold or influenza can contribute to huge increases in staff absenteeism. Annual giving out corporate flu vaccination vouchers before influenza season can help employers to stave of the worst impacts of seasonal illnesses – this helps to keep productivity high and also shows employees that you value their health and wellbeing. So what are some of the most frequently asked questions about corporate flu vaccination vouchers? Read on below.


Why should I get corporate flu vaccination vouchers?

Annual shots for influenza can help to reduce the chances of employees getting sick and are also known to help reduce the severity of illness when people do catch influenza. Many businesses are now choosing to run annual programs to ensure that their employees all receive their annual shot. Whilst some employers may choose to operate these programs during work hours, for many businesses that option is not viable, or they have employees who can’t attend on the day and for those instances corporate flu vaccination vouchers make an excellent alternative option.


Who can get an influenza shot?

People over the age of 6 months should be able to get the shot, provided their not ill or immune-compromised. They can be extremely useful for help to minimise the spread of illness around the office.


Where can you use corporate flu vaccination vouchers?

Most corporate flu vaccination vouchers can be used at popular pharmacy chains, as well as at doctor’s clinics. You should check with your provider to see where employees will be able to attend for the shot. In many cases it is highly convenient and will take your employees no more than ten minutes during one of their visits to their local pharmacy.


How much will corporate flu vaccination vouchers cost employees?

Programs are usually completely subsidised by employers, meaning it’s totally free for employees. Considering how much employers can save by reducing the loss of productivity it’s definitely a very good and very affordable investment.


When should employees get their shot?

The best time for employees to get their influenza shot is a few months prior to influenza season around March, April or May. The earlier employees get their shots the better, since the shots can take a few weeks to take effect.


How often do employees need to receive their shots?

To stay on top of things employees will need to get their shots annually. They will need a booster every year to ensure that they limit their risk of picking up current or new strains of influenza.


How effective are influenza shots?

Whilst no shot can be guaranteed to be 100% effective, corporate flu vaccination vouchers can help to improve the level of protection that individuals have against influenza – this has been backed by scientific evidence. If you have received the flu shot then you’ll be much less likely to catch it severely or experience complications with your health.


Are influenza shots safe?

flu shot

Some people believe that the influenza shot can make you ill with influenza, but this is not actually possible. Often if people get sick after receiving their shot it’s because they were already infected before the shot properly took effect – in many cases they have a milder form of the illness.


Are there any potential side effects?

There are some common side effects that people can experience including headaches, temperatures, tiredness or a feeling of being unwell. Some people can also experience pain at the site of injection or may develop small lumps temporarily or pain, inflammation and swelling.