The front and/or back lawn of your property is something that needs constant maintenance if its natural grass. After all, the grass is a living plant after all and will grow to get out of control if you don’t routinely mow it. At the same time, if you don’t adequately water the grass when there is infrequent rainfall, then it will become dry and dead looking, giving an unattractive and rough surface.

While some people who love to garden might not find this to be a chore, those who don’t have a green thumb would likely not rate maintaining the lawn as their favourite weekend activity. This is why so many people choose to install artificial turf in Sydney.

Let’s examine some of the reasons why it’s so advantageous to use artificial turf in Sydney.


The climate

While New South Wales gets more rainfall than other states in Australia like Western Australia or the Northern Territory, it is still sparse when compared to other countries. This means that there more need to water a natural grass lawn to ensure it looks and feels it best at all times. Most people simply can’t be bothered with this.

Installing artificial turf in Sydney means you don’t need to water it for it to look perfect all the time. This is because it is fake, not a real plant that needs water to thrive. By installing fake grass, you never need to look at the weather and predict how it’s going to impact your lawn, one way or another.


Saving money

Of course, when you don’t need to spend time mowing or watering the lawn because you’ve installed artificial turf in Sydney, it means you will save money. This is because you won’t need to spend money on petrol for the lawnmower, or on excess water bills to water the grass. If you have an electric lawnmower, then it means you will save money on electricity otherwise used to power it.

In this day and age, trying to save money on modern utilities is always a good idea, and you will be surprised with the savings you have from installing fake grass. In fact, this installation can end up paying for itself in the form of money saved that you would have otherwise spent maintaining a natural grass lawn.


Helping the environment

While it may sound strange to think that replacing a natural grass lawn with artificial turf in Sydney is better for the environment, when you think about it, it actually is! This is because, with fake grass, you will no longer be using resources like water and electricity to maintain it. This puts less demand on the natural resources required to maintain your home and lifestyle, meaning that your home will have a lower carbon footprint than one with a natural grass lawn they are expending energy on maintaining.

If you want to do everything you can to make your home greener, then installing artificial turf in Sydney will do that in more ways than just one. Do yourself and the planet a favor by replacing your natural grass lawn with a low-maintenance fake grass lawn.


Nobody knows or cares about the difference

One big reason why a lot of people say no to artificial turf in Sydney is that they feel it will be obvious to their neighbors. While this may have been true in the past, modern forms of highly-developed fake grass are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Even if neighbors begin to speculate why they never see you mowing anymore, will they really care? It is more likely they will be jealous of the fact you have something that looks real without all the effort.