A lot of people may not know about family law mediation in Sydney, let alone the exciting quirks it has as a niche industry. While many people would be aware of divorce lawyers and the kind of issues they deal with (child custody, property settlement etc.), many are surprised to learn about the existence of such a useful adjacent service.

However, it is vital that people are aware of this type of service since it has so much utility to people who are going through the breakdown of a marriage. The following will seek to educate you on 5 noteworthy facts about family law mediation in Sydney.


1.   It is recommended by the court system

Services like those offering family law mediation around Sydney are encouraged and supported by the court system because they help to keep disputing couples away from litigation. This means that it helps people avoid getting into lengthy court battles with their ex-partner by assisting them in negotiating a fair compromise outside of the courtroom.

The Australian family law system is already overburdened with cases waiting to be heard. The courts would instead prefer that people work out their problems privately if possible than resort to lengthy and expensive legal battles.


2.   It achieves better, longer-lasting results

Even if a matter does make it to court, the rulings there can be appealed, and the legal battle can go on and on. With a process like family law mediation in Sydney, it is far more likely that the deal will last and not be disputed in the future because both parties were able to reach a mutual agreement, rather than having a winner and loser as decided by a judge.

People are always happier with an agreement that they reached mutually rather than one that was mandated by a third party. The main benefit of family law mediation in Sydney is that it enables everyone to have their say and get as close as possible to a reasonable compromise.


3.   It better serves children

couple arguing

During a bitter divorce process, any children that the disputing pair have are the innocent victims of their parent’s battle. Every minute spent arguing with an ex is a minute that the children suffer without certainty about the future of their relationship with their parents.

The process of family law mediation in Sydney helps to find agreements that better serve the interests of children. The professionally guided negotiation is designed to calm both parties down and help them see eye to eye on providing the best arrangement for the children, even if they can’t agree on anything else.

It is well known that children can be the worst affected by divorce and minimising the negative impact on them is essential. This is also a key concern for both lawyers and the court system.


4.   It finds creative solutions

Another beneficial fact of family law mediation in Sydney is that it can identify creative solutions to parenting and property settlement problems where a court could not. A judge will use a predefined set of rules to find a ruling, whereas a negotiation can seek different solutions that work better for each party.

This, again, make the process of family law mediation in Sydney more agreeable for most people. People are happier when they feel like they have the power in making an agreement rather than having arrangements decided by a judge.


5.   It’s cheaper

Using family law mediation in Sydney is much cheaper than going to court and trying to fight a battle that could last several years.