(THESE INSTRUCTIONS WILL TAKE  EFFECT FROM 01 APR 2013)


1         NCC Officers Training Academy, Kamptee (NCC OTA) was established in 1957 with a view to train Associated NCC Officers and JCOs/OR posted to NCC units.  To achieve this aim, there are a number of courses being conducted here. These Joining instructions are being issued to ensure that trainees are equipped and prepared  for their training. The trainees are advised to study these instructions to have a meaningful stay at OTA Kamptee and derive maximum benefit from the training schedule at the Academy.  Non-compliance of these instructions will not only cause inconvenience and hardships to the trainees but also make them liable to be reverted to their respective directorates/units.



2.         The Academy is located at Argaum Lines, Kamptee which is 16 Km from Nagpur Railway Station.  Kamptee is well connected to Nagpur and other places by rail and road. (Please Refer Location Page)



3.            Kamptee is the nearest Railway Station but only a few passenger and express trains stop here.  However, Nagpur Railway Station is an important rail junction serving almost all parts of the country. Station Buses from Kamptee  ply  daily to Nagpur Railway Station   and back.



 4.         The summer months from Mar to Jun are hot, while the period from Dec to Jan is moderately cold. The monsoon starts from Jun and extends up to Sep and this period is characterized by overcast skies and heavy rains. Trainees attending courses during the winter months are expected to bring light warm clothing while rain coats are required during the monsoons. The climate is at its best from Sep to Nov.



5.         All trainees earmarked to undergo courses of instructions will report to the Academy 24 hrs prior to the commencement of the course.  Representatives of the Academy will be available at Nagpur Railway Station for all trains for two days ie, a day prior to commencement of the course and on the day of the commencement of the course.  In the eventuality of any problems, trainees can contact the under mentioned:-  

Dy Comdt & CI   09545710444 (M) 07109-287068
Adjutant 07507627067 (M) 07109-289562
Adm Offr 09545258444 (M) -
 DS (Coord) & SI 09764127401 (M) 07109-289642
Quarter Master 09013291049 (M) 07109-282483
 Subedar Major/Duty JCO 08806666899 (M) -
Army Exchange Kamptee 07109-288591/288592/288593/288594

6.         There is no necessity of reporting ETA of trainees to the academy.

Postal Address

 7.         The postal address of the academy is as under:-

            NCC OTA,

Kamptee, Maharshtra – 441001


    Telegraphic Address


8.         “NCC OTA KAMPTEE”



9.            Please visit our website for all relevant information pertaining to administration and training. The joining instructions are also available on the web site.


10.       E Mail ID        - and info@nccotakamptee,com


Allotment of Vacancies

 12.       The vacancies for the course  are allotted by the Trg Dte of HQ DG NCC.  All queries pertaining to allotment of vacancies  will be addressed to the  Trg Dte, HQ DG NCC. This Academy will only entertain students detailed as per the vacancies allotted by the HQ DG NCC to the respective state Dtes.  Dtes can further avail 10% additional vacancies by informing OTA 15 days in advance with particulars of the trainees who will attend the course under this quota. The trainee must carry an auth letter from the respective dtes intimating that the trainee detailed is from the additional 10% vacancy. Also, the Dte concerned must inform the same to the Trg Dte at HQ DG NCC under intimation to this OTA.



 13.       The trainees must be in possession of the following documents:-

             (a)            Movement Order and Identity Card.

             (b)            Arrival Slip

             (c)            Warrant for return journey, where applicable.

             (d)            “Indemnity Bond”. (As applicable)

             (e)            “Medical Certificate”.(As applicable)

             (f)            Last Ration Certificate (Movement order is not accepted as Last Ration Certificate by Local auditors). 

   (g)            Nominal Roll.

   (h)            Form III (For PRCN Course only).

   14.            Medical Certificate.            It will be the responsibility of the Directorates/units concerned to ensure that the trainees detailed to attend various courses at this Academy have been medically examined by a bonafide/authorized Medical Officer as laid down by HQ DG NCC. All trainees are expected to be in SHAPE-1/acceptable med cat. They must get themselves physically/medically checked before reporting.  On arrival at OTA, every trainee will deposit the medical fitness certificate with the Academy.

 17.       All bills will be settled by the trainees before leaving the Academy on termination of the courses.


18.       The trainees will observe strict norms of discipline as per Academy orders, NCC customs and NCC Acts and Rules.  They will strictly follow the Academy daily routine, shall be smartly turned out and pay appropriate compliments.  No trainee will be absent from the daily parades without a written authority from his superiors, course in charge or the medical officer.

19.       The trainees will abide by the Academy Standing Orders and various other orders and instructions issued from time to time during their stay at OTA Kamptee.

Leave and Out Pass

20.       No leave other than on extreme compassionate grounds will be granted to trainee while undergoing training at the Academy.  Whenever any leave is granted, the entire financial liability will be borne by the individual concerned.  Trainees are not entitled to dearness allowance(DA) for the period of casual leave but will have to pay for certain mess subscriptions for the period of leave. However total absence will be listed to duration as mentioned at Para 14 of these instructions.

 21.       All applications for leave on extreme compassionate grounds will be addressed to the Commandant who is the sanctioning authority.

 22.       When not involved in any training schedule, ANOs may be permitted to go out within the Cantt premises.  For visiting any other place, permission will be obtained by the concerned trainees from the course OIC/Training Coy Cdr.  Trainees will not visit any area(s) ,declared  Out of Bounds.


 23.            Married accommodation is NOT available for any trainee attending  a course at this Academy. However, suitable single barrack type accommodation with adequate furniture will be provided to all students during the course.

24.       New Entrant Offrs Cadre (NEOC) (For newly posted service officers to NCC).  Offrs are accommodated in suitable hotels located in Nagpur.


 25.            Trainees are advised not to bring any valuables like gold chains, expensive mobiles & watches etc on the course. OTA NCC will not be responsible in any manner for loss of money or valuables by trainees during their stay with OTA.


Clothing and Equipment

 26.       All trainees must arrive at the NCC OTA Kamptee fully equipped and kitted with the items given at APPX VI. It has been noticed that the kits brought by trainees do not fit them. Adequate care must be taken by the trainee to ensure that the items brought by him are properly fitting. This Academy will not provide any items of clothing or equipment mentioned in the APPX. However, most of these items are available in the Wet Canteen/ local market if the trainees desire to procure the same.


 27.       The trainees will bring essential items of stationery such as paper, pen, pencil, and eraser. They must also carry desired items of computer stationery to copy certain lesson plan/other written study material available in the Academy.

 Controlled Stores

 28.       The academy will provide Controlled Stores to trainees for the purpose of training. It will be the responsibility of the trainee to ensure safe custody and upkeep of these stores.


 29.            Trainees are advised not to bring any valuables like gold chains, expensive mobiles & watches etc on the course. OTA NCC will not be responsible in any manner for loss of money or valuables by trainees during their stay with OTA.


 30.            Adequate facilities exist for the following games:       

  Basket Ball 

Volley Ball 

Hand Ball      







31.            Internet facilities are available within the academy.


Bank Facilities

 32.       There is a branch & ATM of the State Bank of India at Kamptee which is located close to the Academy.  ATM facilities of PNB,ICICI & SBI are also available in the Cantonment.


Allied Facilities

 33.       NCC OTA has a well stocked CSD Canteen and library besides facilities of Non CSD /Wet Canteen. Tailoring and Equipment repairing facilities are also available within the Academy premises. The trainees are at liberty to avail similar facilities outside the OTA if they so desire.



 34.       No private servant/bearers will be brought by the offrs/trainees.  Room bearers will be provided by the Academy.  Offrs attending new entry cadre will have to share the expenditure of room bearers.


35.            Alcohol.   The trainees will not bring, possess or consume any alcoholic drinks while undergoing training at the Academy.


Accounts (PRCN/Refresher/SSB courses)

 36.       The trainees for PRCN/Refresher/SSB courses will have to pay for food, accommodation and allied services (ie, water, lighting, conservancy and furniture etc) at a rate fixed from time to time by the Ministry of Defence, Govt of India.  Present charges for various scales of accommodation as well as other subscriptions are given at APPX VII. 


37.            Units/Directorates will send DD/Cash with trainees BY HAND for PRCN/Refresher Courses payable to the “Commandant, NCC OTA, Kamptee at   State Bank of India, Kamptee” towards the messing and allied expenses for entire duration of the course.  The current messing allowance rate is Rs 125/- vide   HQ DG NCC (P&A) letter No 3216/Incdl/DG NCC/Budget dt 04 Mar 2010.


Medical Certificate

38.       All trainees of PRCN courses are required to be physically fit to undergo the arduous training at NCC OTA. They must get themselves physically/medically checked before reporting.  On arrival at OTA, every trainee will deposit a medical fitness certificate from a State Govt/Military Medical Officer with the Academy. Format of primary med is as given at APPX VIII. Suppression of any kind of info wrt past or present med history and trainees not in possession of correct med certificate will be RTU.